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Dracula! Frankenstein! The Mummy! The most maniacal monsters illustrate timeless truths in this One-Man Show by Jason Korsiak!


Korsiak plays the Mad Professor, who is hard at work in his lab sorting through "spare parts" of the greatest movie monsters on his question to create the ultimate monster! Each part represents what we can learn about such lessons as overcoming fear, being a good neighbor, and what it means to be truly alive instead of being spiritually undead!

Inspired by his books, The Monster Gospels and The Monster Gospels For Kids, this presentation is a NOT-SCARY spooktacular for ALL AGES!

Available as a 60-Minute or 30-Minute show, or as a 30-minute non-character sermon. Also available as a live stream!

​If you are ready to book a date or have any questions, contact me here. To check out my COVID-19 precautions, click here.

Before you see the show, check out the grown-up book here and the Kid's version here.

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