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Churches are reopening, and you need events. But with COVID-19 still on the rise, there is a very real concern that life will not be “back to normal” in time for the holidays. How do you reconcile your need for seasonal events that will bless your congregation with your practical need to keep everyone safe and be responsible neighbors to your community?


As a Christian entertainer, I take very seriously my mission to not only share the gospel in the outside-the-box ways God has inspired me to but to create the safest environment I can for my audience and host church. That usually just means fostering a space where everyone feels welcomed to attend and to seek. This year, however, it means keeping them physically safe as well.


Below are my suggestions for the best practices we can put in place to make the most engaging and safe experience possible.



The following precautions are the steps I will take during presentations and at my book table.



- No audience volunteers on stage

- Interactive elements won't require contact with other guests

- I will be masked before and after the presentation

- I will remain onstage for the duration of the program


- I will be masked and wearing a face shield

- No loose items on the table for guests to touch

- All books are sanitized and bagged

- Fresh gloves between transactions

- Limit one party at a time

- Change will not be made from other guest's bills

- Plastic coverings provided for credit card transactions
- Sanitizer on table for guests' convenience


As a guest in your church, I don't presume to tell you what precautions you should take. That said, here are some recommendations for how we can make the event as safe as possible.

- Keep the “front row” a minimum of 12 feet from stage

- Only parties who arrive together can sit together

- Stagger seating to every other row

- Masks must be worn in lobby and strongly encouraged during presentation

- Stagger dismissal one row at a time from the back

- Offer a live stream during option for members at home

More than ever, your congregation needs the joy that the holiday season brings. Working together, we can give them the best possible experience in the safest way.

Have any questions? Ready to discuss booking a presentation? Are you interested in doing a Zoom or Facebook Live version of a presentation instead? Click here to contact me.

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